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Trying to decide what to watch tonight?

Gareth Hughes (GBR) and Classic Briolinca at the 2019 Compiègne Nations Cup © FEI/PSV J. Morel.

Gareth Hughes (GBR) and Classic Briolinca at the 2019 Compiègne Nations Cup

© FEI/PSV J. Morel.


Are you trying to decide what to watch tonight? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


Tune into Equestrian Life’s Live TV page or Facebook, from 6:30pm AEST tonight, to catch all the action from the Preliminary 1C class.


Sponsored Rider class:


Mitavite demo rider - Majorie Radford and Don Vito


Preliminary 1C class:


1. Emily Harris and MP Make Believe

2. Lucy Chapman and Misty

3. Teresa D’Aquino and Furst Finesse

4. Justine Wedlock and Don Lui

5. Meryl Gibb and Fire Fly

6. Rachelle Regan and Heisenberg

7. Sally Champman and Oaks Ambassador

8. Natasha Housley and It’s Billy

9. Cheryl Young and Falcon Duellboy

10. Antony Nemaric and Rich Heritage

11. Kym Schramm and Carrington Lodge Furstenherz

12. Vicki Anderson and Rayma Spices

13. Tracey Stinson and Alegria Swingtime

14. Lynda Kelley and Dark n’ Stormy

15. Antony Nemaric and Indie

16. Sharon Streeter and Adagio Castille Lady

17. Tayla Fletcher and Kalimna Uggs n’ Kisses

18. Sarah Beams and Wall Street

19. Marcela Adkins and Fierce Love

20. Amanda O’sullivan and Dicavalli Royal Godiva

21. Serena Middleton and Winchester 

22. Dolly Joyce and Bellingara Darius 

You can catch tonight's stream via EQ Life’s Live TV or Facebook page.

EQ Life would like to thank the Virtual Winter Dressage Series principal sponsor, Interpath, and supporting sponsors, Mitavite and Hygain. We would also like to thank our prize sponsors, Boutique EquinesRB SellarsBSM Sport EquestrianZilco International, as well as dressage stars, Roger Fitzhardinge, Vanessa Way and Lyndal Oatley for their dedication and fantastic support of the Virtual Winter Series! 

Good luck to all competitors!  

You can view last night's results here. 


Missed out on the Virtual Winter Dressage Series? EQ Life will be running another three part series in October, November and December! 


We’ll be running through the A, B and C tests, from Preliminary through to Advanced. 


Below is the provisional timetable for the next upcoming series:

(Please note that this is a provisional timetable, and may change.)


  • October Competition - Entries close on the 5th of October (Spring Series Leg 1) 
  • November Competition - Entries close on the 2nd of November (Spring Series Leg 2) 
  • December Competition - Entries close on 6th of December (Spring Series Leg 2) 
  • Stay tuned for more information about prizes, and further details about the upcoming series! 






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