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10 things owners of grey horses will understand

Grey horse - Photo Pixabay (labelled for resuse)

Grey horses are notoriously difficult to keep clean!


By Equestrian Life

From the perils of winter coat loss through to yellow tails, grey horses deliver their own special set of problems. If you have ever owned a grey horse, you are sure to be familiar with many of the following…

1. Your friend pointing how lovely that skewbald pony is in your back paddock.

2. Washing dirty brown patches, only to create dirty yellow patches.

3. Getting up to re-wash your horse at 5am prior to a show, because you know some new stains will have mysteriously appeared overnight.

4. Spending a small fortune on hoods, tail bags, rugs with belly wraps and bandages…only to find that your horse still ends up with poo stains.

5. Grey hairs. Whether your horse is clipped or not, the post-winter shed leaves rugs and clothes peppered with white hairs - permanent white hairs.

6. Trying to hide your annoyance when a friend complains about having to clean their horse’s white socks.

7. The pain when you have to spray small nicks and cuts with purple antiseptic spray and wonder whether it will ever wash out.

8. Putting your show jacket on at the final minute to avoid it getting covered in grey hairs.

9. You have developed a serious appreciation for chalk.

10. Yellow tails. You’ve tried every remedy under the sun, from blue shampoo to Morning Fresh. The question isn’t whether it’ll make the tail white - instead, you’re wondering what shade of yellow you’ll be left with.


3 star Stuart Tinney on Pluto Mio credit main event photography

Stuart Tinney and Pluto Mio, a grey who always looks spic and span at competitions.

© Main Event Photography





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