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AHT needs help to lighten the load for horses


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By Equestrian Life

The UK’s Animal Health Trust has put a call out to local horse owners, asking for their help with a ground breaking study.

The AHT are aiming to develop guidelines for appropriate rider weight for horses — an issue the organisation believes has been a “hot topic within the industry” for some time. 

The AHT claims “There is an apparent growing problem of riders who are oversized for their horses” and notes how “Currently there is a complete lack of reliable scientific research on which to base guidelines for appropriate rider size.”

The AHT requires horses who are able to take part in the study later in the year.

Horses need to meet the following guidelines:

* 450-550 kg bodyweight (Approx. 15 – 16hh)

* Be in regular work and capable of working two 30 minute sessions in a day

* Capable of working on the bit in walk, trot and canter

* Available 3 – 8 September (horses will be stabled on site throughout the study)

* Able to travel to World Horse Welfare, Snetterton (costs will be reimbursed)

* Vaccinated against influenza and tetanus


The topic of rider to horse weight ratios has been brought to light many times in the past year. 

You can read AHT’s full story on their study HERE.

The UK’s Horse of the Year Show has weighed in on the debate in the past, as has British Horseracing’s official charity, Retraining of Racehorses.

Equestrian Life also covered The Great Weight Debate in Issue 34 (Jan/Feb) 2017. 





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