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Alexis Hellyer and Brett Parbery in action at WEG

Brett Parbery

Brett and DP Weltmieser, pictured here at a previous event.

© Franz Venhaus


The first half of the Grand Prix dressage is winding up at the World equestrian games in Tyron, with two Australians in action overnight.

Brett Parbery and DP Weltmieser have posted a terrific score of 70.109% to currently within the top ten, although with the day’s competition not yet over this could change.



Alexis Hellyer and Bluefields Floreno started in the Grand Prix and scored 67.360%. The horse had to be re-presented to the Ground Jury and vets before competition started as he did not the pass the trot up the day before; fortunately he passed the second time around and they were able to make their international championship debut.

Congratulations to both Brett and Alexis!

Stay tuned for full results from the first half of the Grand Prix draw as they become available - and our photo gallery!

You can view live results here.

The second half of the Grand Prix draw begins tonight AEST and will see Kristy Oatley on Du Soleil and Mary Hanna with Boogie Woogie 6 complete their tests.




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