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Australian Nominated Entries for FEI World Championships revealed

Grade IV Team Test winners, Zoe Vorenas and WIS Forte. © One Eyed Frog Photography

Zoe Vorenas and WIS Forte have been short-listed for the para dressage team.

© One Eyed Frog Photography


Australian Nominated Entries for 2022 FEI World Championships revealed

The FEI and Equestrian Australia have announced the qualified combinations who have been nominated to the FEI for the 2022 FEI World Championships, Herning.

The final Australian team selection will take place on 11 July, 2022.

The nominated combinations are (in alphabetical order):


    •    Jayden Brown and Willingapark Sky Diamond
    •    Kristy Oatley and Rosenlorbeer  
    •    Lyndal Oatley and Eros
    •    Lyndal Oatley and Elvive
    •    Mary Hanna and Calanta
    •    Mary Hanna and Syriana
    •    Simone Pearce and Fiderdance
    •    Warwick McLean and Hendrix 11

Lyndal Oatley and Elvive. © Lukasz Kowalski

Lyndal Oatley and Elvive.

© Lukasz Kowalski


    •    Billy Raymont and Black Jack IXE
    •    Edwina Tops-Alexander and Fellow Castlefield
    •    Hilary Scott and Oaks Milky Way
    •    James Arkins and Eurostar 1
    •    Katie Laurie and Django II
    •    Lauren Balcomb and Verdini D’Houtveld Z


James and Eurostar on their way to winning the Victorian senior title earlier this year at Werribee. © One Eyed Frog Photography

James Arkins and Eurostar.

© One Eyed Frog Photography


    •    Amelia White and Genius
    •    Emma Booth and Friday IV
    •    Emma Booth and Furst Deluxe
    •    Dianne Barnes and Cil Dara Cosmic
    •    Lisa Martin and Juicy Wiggle
    •    Matilda Carnegie and Boccelli 6
    •    Maddison Cooke and Byalee Magic II
    •    Zoe Vorenas and WIS Forte


Dianne Barnes ©OneEyedFrog Photography

Dianne Barnes and Cil Dara Cosmic.

© One Eyed Frog Photography


Individual Female
    •    Ginger Kennett
    •    Stephanie Dore
    •    Zoe Caddis
    •    Lydia George
    •    Poppy Loveland
    •    Sabine Osmotherly
    •    Arabella Read
    •    Eloise Tate
    •    Willow Vitu


Stephanie Dore competing with Corazon Gran and Maurits de Vries at CHIO Aachen. © Kirsty Pasto/Australian Equestrian Team

Stephanie Dore.

© Kirsty Pasto/Australian Equestrian Team

The full list of nominated entries for all nations can be found on the FEI website at:

?FEI Jumping World Championship for Seniors

FEI Dressage World Championship for Seniors?

FEI Para Dressage World Championship for Seniors

FEI Vaulting World Championship for Seniors

The Australian National Selection Policies can be found HERE.
The FEI World Championships will begin on 6 August 2022, with Dressage held at the Stutteri Ask Stadium and Vaulting at the multi-arena Jyske Bank Boxen. The Jumping competition will begin on 10 August and will be held at Stutteri Ask Stadium. Para Dressage competitions, which will be held at the BB Horse Arena, will begin on 10 August.

Source: Equestrian Australia / FEI press releases




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