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Dressage by the Sea returns to Willinga Park this weekend!

Mary Hanna and Syriana Willinga 2020 GP CDI4

Mary Hanna and Syriana pictured competing at Dressage by the Sea in 2020.

© Roger Fitzhardinge

Dressage by the Sea returns to Willinga Park this weekend, with the first of two separate back-to-back CDN events to be held over the next nine days. Don’t miss EQ Life & Willinga Park’s coverage!

Equestrian Life, in conjunction with Willinga Park, will be live streaming classes in the main arena at both events, with expert commentary from Roger Fitzhardinge. Roger's enthusiasm for this great venue and event knows no bounds - be sure to tune in to enjoy his inspirational insights and watch all the live action!

This live stream has been made possible thanks to our joint principal streaming sponsors, Barastoc and Interpath 4CYTE.

The live stream timetable for Event 1 is as follows:

Saturday 20 February, 7:50am to 6:40pm:

RiverOak Equestrian Estate CDN Junior Team Test - 7.50am-8.16am
Lindon Farm CDN Young Rider Team Test - 8.50am-10.04am
Cox Architecture Intermediate II - 10.35am-12.21pm
Bay Coast Roofing CDN Under 25 Intermediate II - 1.15pm-1.47pm
Lennock Motors Prix St Georges - 2.05pm-6.34pm

Sunday 22 February, 8am to 4:30pm:

Bay Coast Roofing Under 25 Grand Prix - 8am-8.36am
Lennock Motors Intermediate I - 8.50am-11.42am
Cox Architecture Grand Prix - 12.35pm-3.04pm
Pryde’s EasiFeed Intermediate B - 3.30pm-4.26pm

Monday 21 February, 8am to 5:20pm:

Bay Coast Roofing Under 25 Grand Prix Freestyle - 8am-8.36am
Pryde’s EasiFeed Medium Tour Freestyle - 8.50am-9.38am
Kelato Animal Health Intermediate Freestyle - 10.10am-12.21pm
Cox Architecture Grand Prix Freestyle - 1.05pm-3.08pm
Lindon Farm CDN Young Rider Freestyle - 4pm-5.12pm

The Event 2 live steaming timetable is yet to be announced.

Tune in via Equestrian Life’s Live TV page and Facebook page, or via Willinga Park’s TV page.

You can find out more about the event, including draws, here.





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