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EQ Life February magazine: My favourite dish with Rachael Clarke

Vegetable lasagne.


My favourite dish with Rachael Clarke

By EQ Life

Rachael Clarke has a full life with horses to say the least. With 30 horses at Tarcoola Equestrian Centre to care for, including her own competition horses, plus clients’ lessons and then a husband and two children to look after, her passion for producing great food has started to take a spot on the back burner. However, despite her hectic life she still likes a glass of wine and to cook!

Being a vegetarian, it’s always hard to produce a meal that suits the whole family — including herself. An absolute favourite is this vegetable lasagne and this can be made in a decent quantity and saved for a second go. The whole family enjoys this recipe and it’s easy to create…



Read the full article here in the February issue of Equestrian Life



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