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EQ Life January Magazine: Irish women ride to the rescue

My Lovely Horse Rescue takes in equines big and small.

My Lovely Horse Rescue takes in equines big and small.


Irish women ride to the rescue

By Adele Severs

The romanticised image of Ireland as an idyllic home for horses belies a disconcerting reality that not every horse is living a life of luxury; in fact, quite the opposite. However, a band of rescuers are working to help horses in need – and educate on the issue of equine welfare along the way.
“Ireland is a country of contradictions when it comes to our equines and how we look after them,” says Dorothy Collin, one of the dedicated volunteers behind a growing force in equine welfare in Ireland. “Horses have long been a symbol of our heritage and our equestrian prowess, but for many years now horses and all other equines have also been suffering the length and breadth of the country, in both urban and rural settings.”

Dorothy volunteers for My Lovely Horse Rescue (MLHR), a charity founded by sisters Martina and Deborah Kenny and their good friend Cathy in response to the horrific plight of urban horses in Ireland. “Martina, Deborah and Cathy grew up in Dublin and were confronted by countless cases of equine neglect,” explains Dorothy. “The cities of Ireland have hundreds of horses roaming throughout, being indiscriminately bred from and living lives of neglect, abuse and lacking in any sort of proper veterinary and farrier care. There is an endless oversupply and as a result many hundreds if not thousands are being dumped, badly cared for and exploited…”

Read the full article in our January magazine here.



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