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Introducing Spotilas: The spotted son of Totilas!

Spotilas with his Knabstrupper mother Luna af Nyskoven © Bjørn Boesgaard

Spotilas with his Knabstrupper mother Luna af Nyskoven.

© Bjørn Boesgaard


Spotilas is sired by no other than Totilas, the legendary dressage 3x WEG gold medallist and 3x world record setter. His mother Luna af Nyskoven is a Knabstrupper mare, the old danish breed known for their characteristic spots.

Who would make such a combination? The breeders are Henriette Magnussen and Bjørn Boesgaard from Stutteri Boesgaard, a typical small family-driven studfarm in Denmark. 'Since the 80's we have bred both dressage and showjumpers within Danish Warmblood', says Bjørn Boesgaard, who took over the farm from his late father in 2005.


Luna af Nyskoven cuddling Spotilas © Bjørn Boesgaard

Luna af Nyskoven cuddling Spotilas.

© Bjørn Boesgaard


Both Henriette and Bjørn have ridden dressage and showjumping, but also gained an interest in riding shows, for TV, jousting and classical riding like sidesaddle. This led to the purchase of Luna af Nyskoven, who is a great Knabstrupper mare with the characteristics of her race; beautiful spotted, intelligent with a good temper, very eager to work for her rider, with a big frame and muscular front, and last but not least power and action in her moves.

Spotilas is really a dream come through for his breeders. They tell us their goal was to improve on the movements and strengthen the dressage capacity, while keeping the characteristics of the Knabstrupper breed. Totilas was the ultimate choise of stallion, so Luna was driven more than 600km to Totilas in Germany - as the only Knabstrupper to their knowledge. Ofcourse we hoped for spots, even though the chances of spots all over or on most of the body are rather small (there is only a 50% chance of "something" (genotype), and the spots appearance (fenotype) are likely controlled by a set of genes, making things more complicated).


Luna af Nyskoven sidesaddle © Bjørn Boesgaard

Luna af Nyskoven sidesaddle.

© Bjørn Boesgaard


The young stallion Spotilas is only 3 weeks, but he has already gained a lot fans on social media, and his breeders feels very fortunate to be so lucky that their gamble gave him as result. Spotilas enjoys playing in the grass, and we enjoy watching him as he develops. The plan is to prepare him for grading, and use him for dressage, shows and breeding.


baby spotilas © Bjørn Boesgaard

Baby Spotilas!

© Bjørn Boesgaard



Thanks to Bjørn Boesgaard for supplying us with this article.

Bjørn manufactures and sells SAFEMATE foal-alarms. These harnesses have a built-in transmitter, that sends a radio signal from the mare, which then activates an alarm 20 minutes before the birth. This product is used by breeders such as Blue Hors, Mount St John Equestrian, Katrinelund Stud and many others. You can find out more about this product here.




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