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Team Joyce - Introducing Wesley Joyce

Welcome to the Beginning of Team Joyce
Introducing Wesley Joyce
Team Joyce!
How long have you been riding for? My father always loved horses and the exact age I am not sure, but I do know I have always been on a pony/horse.
What is your favourite showjumping event? The best event would have to be a World Cup class because as a rider this is what I strive for but my most favourite event would be a Knock Out Stakes, because I can see exactly what I need to do to try and win!
A Knock Out Stakes is when you have 2 courses set side by side exactly the same. Two riders go out at the same time against each other, as fast as they can. The winner is the rider who is first through the finish flags with the least amount of faults.
Do you have a favourite horse in your entire riding career? A horse called Piccadilly, and I rode it when I was 19 years old over in Germany. This horse was a super star, exceptionally easy to ride, super careful and could do any event and was very reliable. 
What are your objectives for 2013? 2013 has really been a year of re-design for us on our property. When we arrived 4 years ago there was just an open bare very large 100 acres. We have “home-made “ a stable block, sand arena, grass arena, paddocks with no water anywhere with the help of and family members all by ourselves! Therefore after hand carting water to every trough we seriously need to construct self-watering facilities. The dam and pump needed re doing and now we will start to lay pipe underground. Everything is not just about riding horses. Team Joyce wish it was that easy….
Wesley Joyce and Authur
Do you have any Olympic or WEG ambitions?  Well I have LH King Arthur who I think is a magnificent performance horse , you can read all about him on our web page : www.lalshaven.com.au  . Team Joyce find it very hard to make long term goals, we mean 3-5 years ahead. Because we believe disappointment can come in many different facets, eg: a paddock, stable, truck accident. Team Joyce always makes a yearly plan and have goals of what we want to achieve but realise with horses comes uncertainty. My dream is to firstly do well at the Australian World Cup Qualifiers, this is what I personally strive for.
What are your favourite feeds to keep your horses in peak condition? I need to know that the feed I am giving my performance horses is of the very best quality. Barastoc is a particularly favourite brand of mine, as they have over 30 years of experience in formulating high quality, tailored nutritional solutions, Barastoc have created a range of products that to meet my horses individual needs throughout all stages of their competition life. In particular I like to use; Barastoc Groom, Barastoc Horse Block, Barastoc Cool Command, Barastoc Calm Performer, Equi-Jewel and Barastoc Competitor
Hints or words of wisdom? Never out class your horse only jump as high as it is capable of and always keep your horse happy!!
Future goals/aspirations? To keep on producing competitive horses because I just love riding them! To still be riding at 90!!
Personal training programs or approaches to a new horse, middle aged horse?  
We use the KIS system – Keep it simple!!
  • Lots of little improvements over time make a massive change in your horse for the long term.
  • Your horse must like to be ridden and be happy to jump anything.
  • Create confidence with the horse trusting your requests.
  • Change your schedule, do not do the same regime all the time.
  • Do not ask for too much too soon.
  • Be patient.
  • Stick to a strict routine, feed same time, ride same time etc.
  • Feed good top quality Barastoc feeds to enable the ultimate training program to work!
  • Excellent quality Barastoc feed & Supplements along with a well organised training regime will create top results.
Key approaches to troubleshooting some common training and horse problems within discipline?
  • Riders try to jump higher than the horse is capable of, they over face them!
  • Little steps are worth more value in a horse’s education over a long period of time than the rushed pressured steps, frustrating and creating endless problems for both horse and rider.
  • Riders tend to be in a hurry to pressure a talented horse too quickly which will break them down quicker!
Golden Rule? Riders are only as good as the horse they are sitting on! Having the right horse to do your job is so important because then the communication between what is expected and achievable is acceptable, and with that brings good results!
Favourite holiday destination? Every show I go to feels like a holiday destination, I love travelling to a new place each show and find it relaxing to showjump.
Favourite food/restaurant? Kentucky Fried Chicken
Hobby, besides showjumping? Watching showjumping on DVD’’s

What do you do in your spare time? Maintenance of the farm it is never ending
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