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Management and structural changes in order for Werribee Park

Madison Simpson gallops LV Elf in front of Werribee Mansion in the CCI2* © Michelle Terlato

© Michelle Terlato Photography


WPNEC management and structural changes

Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre (WPNEC) Inc has announced some management and structural changes.

In recent months the WPNEC Committee has carried out a review of the WPNEC finances and management structure, resulting in a restructure of WPNEC to ensure its viability for the future. As a result, the position of General Manager has been made redundant and will be replaced with a Facility Coordinator.

Deborah Lovett will therefore be finishing in her role as General Manager. 

Peter Dunne, Chair of WPNEC Inc, said: “In her time at WPNEC Deborah brought great enthusiasm and vision to the venue. She brought in a number of new user groups and contributed many ideas on how to improve the facility, several of which have and will be implemented.

“Her positive outlook and good sense of humor will be missed by her colleagues in the office.

“We thank Deborah for her contribution and wish her all the best in her next role.”

The WPNEC Committee currently comprises two representatives from Equestrian Victoria (EV) (Peter Dunne and Deborah McNicol), and two from the Victorian Polo Association (polo) (Brett Burns and Troy McBean). Mr Dunne is the Committee Chair and has stepped down as Chair of EV to take on this role.

The Committee is developing a new governance framework and moving to achieve greater delineation between WPNEC and EV and polo, though it will continue to work in close co-operation with the two organisations as the 50-50 stakeholders in WPNEC.

“The lease application process is under way and we are working on a master plan and a number of other initiatives that will help us undertake refurbishment and plan for future development of the facility,” said Mr Dunne.

The Board will shortly commence advertising for a Facilities Coordinator, to oversee the operations and supervise maintenance of WPNEC, reporting to the WPNEC Committee. Mr Dunne will assume this role until this appointment is made. Events will continue to be managed by their organising committees and disciplines, in close co-operation with WPNEC and EV.

For further information, please contact admin@wpnec.com.au

Equestrian Victoria announces further changes

Equestrian Victoria (EV) today announced that Mitch Fox had been appointed Chair of the EV Board, in place of Peter Dunne who has stepped up as Chair of the Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre (WPNEC) Committee.

Mr Fox is Chair of the Show Horse Discipline Committee and operates a dressage and show horse business with his partner Nicole Touzel. He has been on the EV Board for 3.5 years and has volunteered across a range of disciplines for the last five years.

“I am honoured to be selected to lead the EV Board and look forward to working with my fellow directors and the management team to take EV forward,” he said.

“On behalf of the Board I wish to thank Peter Dunne for his contribution as Chair. Peter has done an enormous amount of work to build a capable Board and establish strong foundations for the future.

“Going forward, our focus will be to strengthen our industry leadership, develop the sport of equestrian as the peak body for equestrian sports in Victoria, as well as supporting our members.

“We are establishing a new governance framework, and a new strategic plan is under development which we expect to release in the near future.

“We are also moving to separate the governance of EV from WPNEC, to enable each organisation to function independently but also for the benefit of stakeholders in both organisations.

“We will keep stakeholders informed of developments as appropriate.”

Further information please contact the EV office on 03 9013 0707.

Source: Equestrian Victoria press releases





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