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Mother & Daughter

Mother & Daughter

I thought this time I would quickly touch on moments in our lives that we make the most of because of the interest we choose to indulge in. Many have already and some will in the near future experience how wonderful horsin around is not only because we all love the smell and touch of a horse but we love the social life of the people we cross paths with and the enormous amount of joy the outings bring. Mothers and daughters can form those never to be forgotten moments due to horsin around together. Fathers can to like our Wes has done with his girls!  All of us have something in our lives that we take time out to enjoy, Team Joyce have chosen horses and have indulged in many facets of them. Being on acres in quite a remote area and being able to gallop up and down hills, jump little creeks and logs or just hack out on a dirt road that goes forever with no time constraints to turn back makes one feel so good inside. We have loved being able to look back and remember many times where we did not only do full on competition riding but the hack about stuff. We think back to cantering our ponies/horses with your arms in the air leaning forward out of the saddle watching your horses mane float in the air listening to the pounding sound of their hooves on the ground made you feel so alive and free! Many times we rode as a family for hours enjoying the pleasure riding aspect, I do think it helped our girls with balance and confidence as well. Having to hang on and kick hard to encourage your horse to go over obstacles or go through them and the feeling of I did it ‘ the sensation of we can do it ‘helps create a close trusting bond with your horse. He or she will become more receptive to what you ask of them as the years go by.

 As you have read in past blogs Sarah & her horse LH Albert have formed a very strong bond in their two year partnership. But this time I have to mention I am a mother who does not ride in competitions anymore I chose to concentrate on helping Wes and the girls. I thoroughly enjoy being a horsey mum our minds are focused 100% on making sure everything is entered correctly, prepared , cleaned, packed and fed we even worry about the time constraints, weather and finally is everyone happy! It’s a natural extinct I think and we are all very good at it as it’s not hard to do, the reward or satisfaction when everything goes to plan makes you feel so good inside because all we want is peace, harmony and a little bit of success along the way. Our girls have grown up into young adults but the process never changes and last weekend the single day out as mother and daughter was one I have stored away with all those other memories to cherish forever.

It poured with rain that afternoon and while I was standing on a 20 litre bucket plaiting Albi tied up in the wash bay Sarah passed me the lackers and Wes sat in the chair we chatted about stuff’ mainly the storm and how dark and close it was. Then out of now where’ a crash then a stream of bright light flung through the front of the wash bay! Albi got a fright I fell backwards slid off the bucket and Sarah straight away jumped on top of me to protect me from being stood on. Albi did not at all look as though he was going to trample me as he was right away in the opposite direction but Sarah’s instinct was quick and swift. Wes rushed over we all took a deep breathe brushed down my pants patted Albi and within seconds the rain came down! I mean down it flooded everywhere so we decided to finish Albi early in the morning before the show.


Sarah and I awoke to a muggy morning with no sun grey clouds and light rain that turned into heavy constant falls all morning until about 11am. Wes helped us load then it was just the two of us mother and daughter off for the day. We arrived at the showgrounds as did many other keen show riders , the dedicated ones hoping for qualifiers for the Royal shows some drove distances of over 2 hours away. We were only having a day out in the local ring supporting our wonderful towns Agricultural & Pastoral Society. This is the 120thyear for Korumburra and actually the 20th year for Sarah!

Getting ready in the rain (1)


Never to old for a ribbon


Off we go


The smile

 Isn’t it great to quickly say hi to all the people you have become acquainted with over the years, some we had not seen for a very long time. We love to catch up have a good chin wag to find out what horse you have here what horse you had where. Everyone was getting wet’ but still so excited to saddle up and ride!

It was a 9.30am start for us and Albi was a star as per usual, the lady judge shared the prizes around beautifully. Barastoc sponsored the Local Ring and kindly donated a Barastoc bag of feed of your choice’ to each Champion and Reserve Champion winners.  This was to be the second year running Sarah and Albi obtained the titles Barastoc Champion Local Rider and Barastoc Reserve Champion Local Hack. They achieved a 4th for the Local Best Presented and 2nd for the Local Led Hack.

4th Local Best Presented Combination

Barastoc Champion Local Rider


Sure we had a quick go in the Open ring and entered an Open Rider over 21 years and were in round and out in a flash. To many magnificent combinations to compete against here the horse power was very ostentatious and immaculately turned out by the riders on board. They were picture perfect and deserved all the accolades achieved. I understand that the Open ring is serious business as they are trying to get the so named qualies’ short for qualifiers but it was so nice to see many riders of all ages in the Pony Club and Local Rings taking home accolades for all their hard work and dedication striving towards the same passion we all have which is RIDING. We used to do a far bit of Open showing when the girls were younger and we admire the devotees that have stuck at it some for over 30-40 years . The dedication skill and work to keep going week in and week out for the blue ribbon inspires so many to keep at it. Then the hope for the Champion sash or endure the over whelming feeling of winning a Supreme at an Agricultural show ‘. We were lucky to have the Litterbach family encourage and educate us from day dot on what to wear and how to plait! We are very grateful to them for taking all the time and interest in giving us the start we needed to know what to do they even sold us some riding gear needed to enter the Open ring. Team Joyce have succeeded once in a Supreme title Tiffany and her show pony Toy Soldier of Astral claimed the title and Sarah rode a pony named Miffy owned by the Litterbach’s to win the rider under 10 years at a Royal . Those pictures are still brought out today and many emotions rise up because those are the memories we shall treasure forever, sure it’s only once but once is enough because let’s not forget some things never happen even once. Stick to it have fun and enjoy the family time while it lasts.

What a great day

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