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Pessoa Training System

Horse lunging - Saddleworld

There is little doubt that lunging can have an important role in working horses, by helping to gain their trust and understanding, develop athletic ability and balance, as well as providing a valuable warm up procedure for work under saddle.

The Pessoa Training System is a lunging aid designed by International show jumping rider Nelson Pessoa. This innovative training system can be adjusted to encourage the young or green horse to go long and low and can be changed to put the horse more “together” for the more advanced collected frame – or anything in between.

Pessoa Training System sketch - Saddleworld

Lunging is frequently used by horse handlers and breakers as the first stage of familiarising horses with equipment and after first stages of breaking in, the rider will aim to work the horse in a way that encourages acceptance of the driving and restraining aids in a calm and compliant way, as this is the essence of the progressive gymnastic exercise which develops the back muscles and builds a top line that will help the horse to perform with ease.

A major objective in the horse’s training program is to encourage the horse to carry more weight on their hindquarters and by so doing, lighten the forehand, developing suppleness, athletic ability and responsiveness.

The Pessoa Training System will help to develop the horse’s back muscles, firstly working in a low stretched position and gradually encouraging more engagement from the hind quarters so that the horse lightens and raises the forehand, which will assist with improvement to the horses response and balance.

Horse lunging posititons - Saddleworld

It consists of an easy-to-put-together array of ropes, clips and pulleys, as well as a breeching strap that passes behind the horse's hindquarters and is used in conjunction with a training surcingle while the horse is being lunged.

Pessoa Saddles & Bridlework logo

Based on principles of pressure and release, the Pessoa Training System helps to place the horse in a better position to assist muscle build-up, and increases use of the horse's back muscles. It can assist maintenance of muscle tone in fit horses, while less experienced horses can be guided into the correct shape. The Pessoa Training System can be used in four different positions, depending on the horse's level of training and fitness.

Available in Horse or Pony size at your local Saddleworld store.

Note – Surcingle/Lunging roller is not included.


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