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Picnic racing community rallies around Sam

Clerk of the course horse Sam (not for re-use)

Clerk of the Course Andrew Taylor (right) with Sam

(Image sourced - gofundme.com/f/theres-no-races-without-the-clerks-horse)


By Kate Watts

The picnic racing community and the wider industry have rallied around a much-loved Clerk of the Course-horse Sam, after he was rushed to the emergency ward with serious injuries on Tuesday night.

The retired racehorse, who raced under the name Module, has been an integral part of the picnic circuit for the past few years combining with Clerk of the Course Andrew Taylor.

The 15-year-old gelding required emergency surgery on intestinal issues, with a GoFundMe page set up to support connections, specifically his medical expenses which are expected to reach into the thousands of dollars.

Many in the industry, including leading jockey Shaun Cooper have urged participants and Racing Victoria to do anything they can to help out the popular Sam and the Taylor family.

“It was really sad to hear about Sam’s condition and I hope he is okay and on the mend after surgery,” Cooper said.

“Andy Taylor and Sam do a top-class job and you always feel safe with them which is so important as a jockey.

“He’s a real marvel Sam and an integral part of our picnic industry so we all really hope he can get better and I’m sure many people will do whatever they can to help him and the Taylor family.”


This article first appeared on Racing.com and is reprinted here with their kind permission. To find out more about Racing Victoria's Off the Track program, visit rv.racing.com/the-horse/off-the-track.







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