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Post FEI World Cup Dressage Final High – What’s next?

Mim Coleman and Sunbury Lodge Toronto ©Jess Van der Vlist
Mim Coleman and Sunbury Lodge Toronto aka Tiny ©Jess Van der Vlist

You know Mim Coleman as our enthusiastic and insightful reporter from the Vegas World Cup in April, and now we are excited to announce that she is our newest EQ Life blogger!...


It’s been over 30 days since Charlotte and Valegro paraded on their final victory lap of the Thomas Mack Centre in Las Vegas to a very appreciative crowd. To finalise my reports I would like to add the following.  Much has already been written and commented on regarding the elimination of Steffen Peters and Legolas.  Some of you who read my report may have wondered why I made no mention of it.  Well the simple answer to that is that it wasn’t mentioned at the presentations.  Not a peep, not a word, nothing.  I was so engrossed in watching the tests and typing madly on the IPAD to give the best experience that I could I did not make a record of scores or placings. I admit at the time thinking, as they called out the place getters, “ hmmm I must have it wrong I would have thought Legolas would have been in the top 5”.

 After it was all done and dusted everyone just made a run for the trade stands to find any discounts (there were very few, unless you are a size XS or XXS – motivation to lose a few kilos ??)  Did I sense some disquiet from the some of the crowd as they walked out of the stands? Thinking back I think I may have.

But the prospect of finding a jacket on sale over rode any thought of questioning what I was sensing.

I have been invited by Equestrian Life to share more of the fun, laughs, heartaches, frustrations, joy, friendship, light bulb moments and everything else that is the sport of DRESSAGE.  I am honoured to be a part of the Equestrian Life Magazine Family you have all welcomed me with open arms.  I have a plethora of stuff and things that I would love to share with you and I expect Tiny ( Sunbury Lodge Toronto ) will have a few things to say too. 

So before I start I would like to introduce myself and Tiny so that as you read my Thought Bubbles you will have a sense of who we are.

So here is the “Mim and Tiny Compatibility Chart”.  Why a Compatibility Chart?  You will have seen the word “combination/s” regularly in my Vegas reports.  To me it’s such a critical aspect of what I want to achieve in dressage. That sense of trust, harmony, willingness, understanding, that comes from BOTH horse and rider. I aspire to give a picture of this when I enter at A, hack out on the trails or travel to other States to learn more and grow stronger together.

Oh and I will attempt to keep my Thought Bubbles light, positive, fun and hopefully insightful and give a sense that we are ALL in this together for the pure JOY of living an Equestrian Life.


Mim chart
If you are finding the chart dificult to read click here to open it in a new tab***


Live beyond your dreams.
For dreams can create boundaries.
Live your joy.
Live your life.
Live your Equestrian Life.

- Mim Coleman 2015

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