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Product Review on TRM's Cool As Clay



TRM - Shane Rose Testimonial


Leader Equine have only recently been taken on by TRM Supplements as their partner for import and distribution here in Australia, and while we were already familiar with the products, having used them previously with great results, we now need to get to know the nitty gritty on each one!

One of the questions raised most often is, why is Cool As Clay better than other clays?

First of all, as horse owners, we are well aware of the pitfalls that face horse owners in choosing between products that appear to do the same thing. In making your choice, you have to evaluate what goes into that product, what those ingredients do, and what are you paying for.

Testimonials and research can be hugely helpful to us in making these choices. Cool As Clay is the ONLY Clay poultice product in Australia with a proven study stating that is has a “highly effective cooling action”.

From the research paper “Study into the comparative efficiency of topical cooling agents in the equine limb” author Sonya Nightingale MCSP finds that Cool As Clay was the only clay to produce an initial temperature drop AND the only clay to produce lower leg temperatures than the control at the end of the treatment in clinical trialled horses.

Add to that, it was also found that Cool As Clay has the best longer term cooling effect i.e. it was able to maintain the drop in temperature for periods of time.

You can read more on this study right here


1)    It’s proven to work

2)    Cost effective – available in tubs of 1.5kg up to 11.35kg with very competitive pricing in the current market

3)    Easy to use – excellent consistency, applies easily and smells fantastic!

4)    Formulated for a longer cooling action

5)    Ideal for all ponies and horses whose legs need some help in recovery from work

6)    Contains Thyme Oil which is a natural antiseptic making Cool As Clay safe to use over minor cuts and abrasions

TRM Cool as Clay product

Cool As Clay contains Kaolin, Sodium Borate, Glycerine, Natural Thyme Oil and Purified Water. It’s highly effective cooling action is very beneficial to hot tired legs, especially during demanding times of training and competition.

With its unique formula it can be used safely over minor cuts and abrasions and can be used right up to raceday and continued for as long as necessary.


TRM - Cool as Clay


To use: Apply to Knees, Fetlocks, Shins and Tendons after periods of training, spread evenly approx. a quarter inch thick.

To remove: Hose with cold water.

To prolong the effect: Wrap with wet brown paper and bandage. Repeat as necessary after 24 hours.

Available through Leader Equine, for more information visit www.trmsupplements.com.au and Horseware Australia www.horseware.com.au





Issue 38

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