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After purchasing this OTT in April 2016, he rapidly lost weight and showed very disturbing behaviour to say the least. I was completely at a loss and practically threw food at him 24/7, had him treated for ulcers, stomach drenched, turned out, complete bloods taken and more. A costly first 6 months and enormous regret for my diminished bank account and broken body!




I consider myself a pretty lucky person (i.e. someone who goes after what they want and therefore a
ppears "lucky" to outsiders, lol) and was contacted in regards to a potential sponsor via Geoffrey McLean. 




Enter Rose-Hip Vital Equine and Justin Diamond. What great timing! This horse's future was very likely to end before it even begun and Justin was keen for me to start him on RHVE and see how things went. He has now been on it since mid-October 2016. I don't have a photo showing him at his worst as it was mortifying to see. If I had taken his rugs off surely someone would have reported me to the RSPCA! It was that bad. Anyone who knows me will attest to the condition my horses are kept in...NEVER SKINNY! Perhaps plump ;-)




The ‘after’ photo shows the enormous improvement in his weight, coat and general condition. I have not yet started him back in work but I'm hoping he will continue to build muscle and condition when this happens. 

Justin has been hugely supportive and his sponsorship has been instrumental in the health and wellbeing of my horses and myself.  If anyone would like to chat about the product and its uses both equine and human I have many stories to tell, lol.  The before and after are undeniable. RHVE rocks!


The Stable Design EMP team, all three are on Rose-Hip Vital Equine, it has made its impact on all of us but you have got to love the dapples coming through on Woodleigh Radience.

Thanks Justin Diamond and RHVE for your ongoing sponsorship and support.


Raquel Corbett

Rose-Hip Vital Family Photo NEW




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