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Rostropovich continues to improve

Rostropvich receiving some love from his strapper Alice Barnett © Lindsay Park Racing twitter page

What wonderful and caring staff we have in our industry - Rostropovich’s strapper Alice took herself to visit him at Werribee in the busiest week of the year. He continues to make excellent progress. pic.twitter.com/GnU1Y9gwdl

By Matt Welsh

After injuring his pelvis in Tuesday's Melbourne Cup, Rostropovich's condition continues to improve.

The five-year-old son of Frankel suffered a stress fracture to his pelvis during the race and was subsequently transferred to the University of Melbourne Equine Centre at Werribee for treatment.

Lindsay Park has provided regular positive updates on Rostropovich's improving condition via Twitter, stating that 'he continues to make excellent progress' and 'the outlook looks very positive'.

Having visited Rostropvich at Werribee on Wednesday, strapper Alice Barnett was back at Flemington for Thursday's Oaks meeting.

"It's very positive at the moment, we're really happy with the progress he [Rostropovich] is making," said Barnett.

"The team behind him are doing a great job, we're just so happy with the progress he's making and we hope it stays that way.

"He was so happy to see me. He called out to me and came straight to the door - I came with a kilo of carrots and he loved them.

"I'm just going to continue to keep going because I love him and seeing his empty box at home is quite hard, but I love him and he's my pride and joy."

Barnett said she was 'devastated' after Rostropovich's injury in the Melbourne Cup.

"The mornings are quite hard at the minute, but it's so good getting to see him yesterday," she added.

"I owe the horse everything, he tries so hard and I'm just so happy with the progress he's making.

"So far he's come through it very well, there's a long process ahead but he's with the right people."


This article first appeared on Racing.com and is reprinted here with their kind permission. To find out more about Racing Victoria's Off the Track program, visit rv.racing.com/the-horse/off-the-track.






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