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Santa Anita Park horse deaths out of control

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By Equestrian Life

Another racehorse has died at the Santa Anita Racetrack, making it the 21st fatality at that particular racetrack in just 10 weeks.

The most recent fatality of the 21 thoroughbreds was a 4-year-old filly, named Lets Light The Way. The Filly’s trainer, Ron McAnally reported that the filly ‘’took a bad step’’ at Tuesday’s training.

McAnally said the injury was a shattered sesamoid in her right front leg after a catastrophic fall, which was identified through an X-Ray. The filly was then later euthanised.

The tally of racing-related horse deaths at the Santa Anita racetrack has been increasing rapidly since late last year. There have been 21 deaths reported since the track’s winter meet, which commenced on December 26th, 2018.

The vast amount of deaths and accidents have been unusually high, and have caused concern and outrage from many demonstrators, who advocated their concern outside the Santa Anita Park gates.

The unusually high number of fatalities has been blamed on the surprisingly high rain-filled winter, with Santa Anita having received over 11 inches of rain in February alone.

The main racing surface at Santa Anita was shut down after the 19th horse death last week to investigate and examine the track for any issues with the surface. The track was opened again just two days later.

PETA had planned a protest at the Santa Anita Racetrack, but decided to cancel the protest after meeting with a track representative, who pledged to take definite steps improve the situation. PETA announced in a statement online that they will continue to meet with the Santa Anita officials in the coming days.


A spate of equine deaths has forced Californian racing officials to cancel racing indefinitely at Santa Anita Park... Read more here.



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