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Solid start for Amelia White in Europe

Amelia White and Lotus 253 in  Deauville CPEDI3* in France. © A.Ringot

Amelia White and Lotus 253 at CPEDI3* in France

© A.Ringot


Congratulations to Australian Para-Equestrian rider Amelia White on her wonderful performance at the recent Deauville CPEDI3* in France.

Amelia and her horse Lotus 253 finished third in a class of seven starters in the Grade V Team Test (65.953 %), third in the Grade V Individual Test (68.786 %) and also third in the Grade V Freestyle (69.875%).

Equestrian Australia (EA) Para-Equestrian Manager Erik Mackechnie commended her efforts;

“Amelia has had a really good solid start to her European campaign coming 3rd in all three of the Para-dressage classes that she entered at Deauville, this will allow her to benchmark where she sits on the highly competitive European Para-dressage circuit.”

“To have had some of the top Para-dressage judges feedback on her performance will prove invaluable to her as she pushes forward to achieve her personal best scores. We are excited to now see how Amelia will now perform at Waregem next week in Belgium,” said MacKechnie.

For full results of the Deauville CPEDI3* please go to http://www.handiequicompet.fr/

Source: Equestrian Australia press release



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