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Sports psychology becoming the go-to technique

Sports Psychology Girl & Horse


By Equestrian Life
The 21st century is fast proving to be one that involves a lot of stress and pressure being placed on our everyday lives. This is all thanks to extended work hours, rising costs of living and the effects of the media, in particular, social media.

Social media is connecting us to those we know as well as those we don’t, it’s giving us a large insight into people’s lives. But how sure are we that we’re gaining an insight into their ‘real’ lives? What is uploaded online is often all the positives and anything that has happened behind the scenes is being left out.

Being able to distinguish between real life and what people are allowing you to see is key when it comes to social media and this is largely becoming an issue for people to do.

As riders, we see and hear a lot about how well our peers have done and all their achievements. We’re often expected to congratulate and applaud their efforts which three quarters of the time, is warranted. However, in truth, we may be comparing ourselves and questioning why we’re not doing better than we are and in some cases becoming more envious than elated.

These situations can often affect our mood, lifestyle and can transfer into our training and performance which is where the assistance of a sport psychologist can help.

Like many top level riders, in order to gain that ‘winning mindset’ people are referring to the experts to gain an advantage over their peers. Sports psychology is a lot more than relaxation and visualization techniques.

A sports psychologist can assist in taking us back to the basics, increasing confidence levels, and helping us regain the motivation to achieve our goals.

For anyone that wants to try something new or change their current mind-set, a sports psychologist could be just the thing.




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