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The highs and lows of working of equestrian sport

Julia and I have had a bit of a rough start to 2015 with a lot of soundness and sickness issues. Vegas had a big injury in the paddock in September and will be out of work until indoor season. Tresor has also recently sustained an injury that will keep him out until about September, and Blue developed an acute lung infection during the trip to Portugal in February, which he is still recovering from. They are all going to recover 100% though which is a big relief, we just need to be very patient.

My welcome back in March ©G Harvey
My welcome back in March

Now that summer is on its way the Global Champions Tour has begun. Our GCT calendar this year includes Antwerp, Madrid, Cannes, Paris, Valkenswaard and Rome. Antwerp was a great way to kick off our summer season, we have never been before and we loved it.  It was set right next to the river, the arena was a great size, and from what I’ve been told the warm up was much bigger than last year. Julia rode Vedor and Que Sera in the 3* and I rode Kinglair and Tresor in the 2*. Each of our horses jumped two clear rounds and were feeling amazing. Kingsley was jumping over the wings of almost every jump.

Georgie Harvey and Kingsley in Antwerp ©Sportpot
Kingsley in Antwerp ©Sportpot

The horses arrived home from the show on Sunday night. Monday afternoon the vet asked to keep Tresor for scans. Monday night we tried a lease horse. Tuesday morning lease horse arrives at our stables. Tuesday night horses leave for Madrid and we find our Tresor needs a lengthy holiday. Thursday Kingsley failed the first trot up in Madrid. I rode him after, 100% sound. I get off and they let us trot him up again, fails. Friday morning before his class I ride him, still completely sound. Trots up two more times and still fails. Longest couple of days ever. On the positive, Vedor finished 5th in the 2* 1.45m GP. Madrid is a beautiful show, this was our third year there and we love it and I know we will keep going back.

Georgie Harvey and Vedor in Madrid 2* GP
Vedor in Madrid 2* GP

We found out on Monday that Julia is able to ride the young horse in Hamburg this week, so because she is only taking one horse we have decided to leave super-groom Eder at home and give it all a go ourselves. He doesn’t trust us at all. We think that he lied about the truck being broken so that we don’t take it, and he organized for Blinky to be put on Luciana’s truck so that we don’t take him in the sprinter, which is still what we are going to do. We will be starting our 5-6 hour drive at 1am tomorrow and then our big adventure as attempted grooms begins. Julia can feel free to feed by herself every morning since I’m on plaiting and warm up duty. I’m not yet mentally prepared to fight for jumps in the warm up yet.

We will be spending the next few weeks looking for new horses before heading to Wiesbaden, St Tropez and Cannes. Those shows in the south of France can’t get here quick enough, we’ve been missing the sun and the beach.

- Georgie

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