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The overall ‘Polished Look’ winner from EQ Life’s Virtual February and March Series has been announced!

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Presentation of both horse and rider is an important part of preparing for your dressage test. 


The overall ‘Polished Look’ winner, from Equestrian Life’s Virtual February and March Dressage Series, has been awarded to Adrienne Foulkes and Pseudo Echo.

The beautifully presented combination has been awarded the $200 Boutique Equines gift voucher, after receiving the most amount of votes, on the competition post, which featured on Equestrian Life’s Facebook page.


 Adrienne Foulkes riding her test with Psuedo Echo

Adrienne Foulkdes and Pseudo Echo riding their March test. 


Adrienne Foulkes and Pseudo Echo received a total of 37 votes collated from a photo-liking system and a poll within the video. Coming in very closely behind were Donna Kristiansen and Centauri CN receiving a total of 32 votes and lastly Serena Middleton and Winchester received 14 votes.

Equestrian Life would like to congratulate Adrienne on winning this fantastic prize, and would like to thank the other two combinations Donna Kristiansen and Serena Middleton as well as all the other competitors, who put in the time and effort to look as wonderful as they did, over the course of the Virtual February and March Dressage Series. 

We would also like to thank Boutique Equines for their wonderful support of Equestrian Life’s Virtual Dressage Series, which have been run for one year now!  

Boutique Equines’ wonderful online store can be viewed here. Be sure to check it out!

Equestrian Life would also like to take the time to thank all of those that entered into Equestrian Life’s virtual dressage competitions, throughout 2020 and 2021. The fun will continue into with our April and May series, with entries for the April competition open now, closing on the 25th of April. 


Boutique Equines Sd Design Pack prize







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