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There's still time to get your entries in for EQ Life's Nov/Dec Online Competition

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The closing date for Equestrian Life’s Nov/Dec Online Competition for the able-bodied and Equibility/para dressage classes is fast approaching with entries due to close this Monday December 6th.

Competitors will receive insightful and professional feedback from dressage expert, Roger Fitzhardinge, and will also receive their scoresheet and submitted video back, with all of Roger’s comments.

Once the entries have officially closed, and all of the footage has been received, Equestrian Life will stream the tests via our Live TV and Facebook page, with Roger’s comments and judging carried out in ‘real-time’, as the stream goes live.

Competitors are also welcome to have their tests judged as ‘feedback only’, meaning their tests won’t feature on the live stream, but don’t worry, these riders will still receive their score sheet back with Roger’s comments and feedback.

The best presented combination from the competition will receive the Boutique Equines Polished Look prize!

Able-bodied classes

All able-bodied classes will be running through the Equestrian Australia ‘C’ classes from Preliminary through to Advanced.

Find out more here.

Enter here.

Equbility and Para Dressage classes

In conjunction with the Equestrian NSW Equibility Project, Equestrian Life is now offering Para Equestrian and Equibility classes as part of the Nov/Dec competition.

5* FEI Para Dressage Judge Sue Cunningham will be judging, and classes will be run as per our regular online competitions.

The following classes will be offered, with the deadline for these entries being 6 December.

Enter here.

Competition A: Equibility Riders

Event 1:1 2017 PE Grade 1.1v2: This is a walk only test

  • Division A: Assisted Test for riders who may need the support of an assistant to walk beside them during the test  
  • Division B: For riders able to complete the test riding independently  

Event 1:2 2017 PE Grade 2.1: This test includes walk and some trot
Event 1:3 2017 PE Grade 3.1: This test includes walk and trot
Event 1:4 2017 PE Grade 4.1: This test includes walk, trot, canter
Event 1:5 2017 PE Grade 5.1: This test includes walk, trot, canter and some lateral work

Competition B: Para Equestrian Classified riders

Event 2:1 Grade l FEI Novice Test B (2017): This test is walk only
Event 2:2 Grade ll FEI Novice Test B (2017): This test includes walk and some trot
Event 2: 3 Grade lll FEI Novice Test B (2017): This test includes walk and trot
Event 2:4 Grade lV FEI Novice Test B (2017): This test includes walk, trot and some canter
Event 2:5 Grade V FEI Novice Test B (2017): This test includes walk, trot, canter and lateral work

FEI Para Dressage Tests can be found here.

Competition rules for Para Equestrian and Equibility classes:

Para dressage rules are as per the EA rule book (see from page 115).

The following competition rules also apply:

1.    Gear check – Competitors may ride in any saddle, however any compensating aids must be in accordance with EA Para Dressage rules. No boots or bandages on horses. Please see further information for each competition below.
2.    Dress – No restrictions on dress, however EA approved helmets and suitable footwear must be worn.  Leaders for the Assisted walk test must wear protective footwear that covers their feet and ankles
3.    The judges' decision is final – no protests.
4.    By entering, you are giving approval for your test to be live streamed publicly via Equestrian Life's website and Facebook page.
5.    Under 18 riders must have parent or guardian approval to enter.
6.    This event is unofficial and is not affiliated with Equestrian Australia or any other governing body.
7.    The arena should be 40m x 20m for Grade l, ll, lll and 60 x 20m for Grade lV and V and the letters must be as in the rules.
8.    The person filming the test must be standing behind C and the camera should be placed between 3-5 metres behind the letter on a landscape setting.
9.    Begin recording 5-10 seconds before rider begins test. Please try and keep a steady hand when recording
10.    Test may be in a covered or outdoor arena.
11.    Videos must include sound recording.
12.    The impact of Covid-19 on the equestrian community is fluid. When entering, it is the rider's responsibility to ensure that their participation does not violate any guidelines issued by the Federal or State governments, Equestrian Australia or its state branches.
13.    No refunds.

Am I eligible?
If you have a horse to ride and can complete the test in a safe manner according to the terms and conditions, then you are eligible. No club affiliation is required, however by entering the competition you acknowledge that riding the test(s) is at your own risk.

Can I enter multiple classes?
Yes, for this competition riders can ride in one grade only however you can ride 2 different horses. Up to 3 riders can also ride the same horse. 

You will receive a discount if you enter two or more classes at once.

How do I video my test?
•    Mobile phone footage is fine
•    Film in landscape
•    Video must include sound recording
•    Film for 3-5m behind C
•    Begin recording 5-10 seconds before the beginning of the test
•    Please try and keep a steady hand when recording

How do I upload my test?

YouTube Upload Guides and Questions here.

Once your video has been uploaded to one of the above platforms, you will have a video URL and you are now ready to complete your entry.

If you are yet to pay and reserve your entry place, you must do so first. Once you have reserved your place, you will be able to log back in at any time before the closing date to complete your entry details. When completing entry details, there will be a field to include the video URL for your test

Will I receive feedback?

Yes, the judge’s feedback will be sent through via email following the conclusion of the competition.

How will I receive prizes/prizemoney?
Prizes will be mailed out at the conclusion of the competition (availability and variety of prizes are subject to change from comeptition to competition).

Do I need to use specific gear or dress?
You can ride in any saddle; however bridles and bits must be in accordance with EA Para dressage rules level guidelines. Whips in accordance with Para dressage EA level guidelines. No boots or bandages on horses. No restrictions on dress, however EA approved helmets and suitable footwear must be worn. Leaders in the Assisted walk test must also wear footwear that covers their feet and ankles with a non-slip sole and suitable for walking on uneven surfaces (no high heels). Plaiting is optional

What sort of arena can I ride in?
Any 40m x 20m or 60m x 20m arena with correct lettering as per diagrams. The arena can be covered or fully outdoors, in a purpose-made arena on marked out on grass so long as the footing is level and suitable for horses.

Are there age restrictions?
Horses must be aged 3 years or older as per EA rules.
Rider can be any age, although under 18 riders must have parent or guardian approval to enter.
In principle, both competitions will follow Equestrian Australia Para Equestrian Rules (PE Rules),
 which can be found here.


Equestrian Life’s Nov/Dec Online Dressage Competition is proudly supported by Boutique Equines and Hygain.





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