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Endurance season kicks off for Bec Stoneman

So the start of the Victorian endurance season kicked off last weekend at Landsborough. Everyone was excited to get back into it, as were the horses!

We took two horses to the ride, Pioneer Park Talieb and Castlebar Goblin. I was riding Goblin, it was his first competition back after a couple of years absence due to injury. My mother in law Tracey was riding Talieb. Daniel, my husband, was strapper… Again! What would we do without him?!
Mother in law Tracey riding Pioneer Park Talieb credit Kendurance Photography
Tracey riding Pioneer Park Talieb ©Kendurance Photography
We set up our yards, vetted the boys through then took them for a ride. They both took the atmosphere in their strides and I was very happy with how they were eating, drinking and relaxing in their yards. 
We listened to the pre ride talk, then headed to the local pub for a quick bite to eat. 
Once we had the boys tucked up in bed, we headed to bed ourselves. There wasn't much partying going on that night, everyone was being very sensible at the first ride of the season! 
Throughout the night I was up nearly every hour, popping my head out of the float to check the horses. I couldn’t relax, but they could! Both had fallen sleep, at one point Goblin (Obi) was flat out having a dream, making funny noises with his legs kicking like he was cantering!! Probably dreaming about all the horses he was going to catch out on track the following day!
The 40kms started at 7.30am. We let a few people go so we weren’t caught up in a large group and headed out about 7.40am. 
The boys travelled beautifully, Obi out front and Talieb behind. Obi was a tad excited, tossing his head and cantering sideways for a little while, but very well behaved considering we don't train with other horses and it was his first ride back in ages.
The track was very rocky in parts, so I was a little bit worried as I desperately wanted the boys to get through. I was so glad we padded Obi’s front feet. Talieb is barefoot and booted so he seemed to tackle the rocks ok.
Then we hit the biggest mountains our boys had seen in a very long time! They were so steep you had to get off the horse and walk them down! Obi ate them up like a pro, Talieb on the other hand was not as impressed. 
bec stoneman the mountains credit Bec Stoneman
Bec riding Goblin up the mountain ©Bec Stoneman
out on trail Bec Stoneman and Tracey credit Emma Holland
Bec and Tracey out on trail ©Emma Holland
Once we were over, it was back on the flat and smooth sailing home. Luckily there was a water point 2 kms from home which the boys could have a big drink. They were a bit hot after the hill climbing so I jumped off and dumped buckets of water over their necks. They loved it!
Trotting to the finish line both boys still looked and felt fantastic. We headed back to the yard to cool them off, gave them a pick of hay and checked heart rates. I had a mini heart attack when my polar heart rate monitor said Talieb's heart rate was 76…WHAT! 
I re — checked it with the stethoscope and he was 46. Stupid thing, you can't rely on it!
It's always good to check the HR with your own ears using a stethoscope.
We walked down to the vetting area for the final trot out and heart rate check. Both of the boys had excellent heart rates, only one beat difference between them. Both boys also trotted out beautifully! Yay, yay, yay we were through! A very happy start to the season.
The next ride is at Eddington over Easter. It would be great to have 3 horses there, the two boys and Nariel. If we can't travel all three there we will most likely take Obi and Nariel for either 2 x 20kms or just the 40km ride.
I can't wait to get our mare to a ride and to have Daniel riding and not strapping for once!
It's also all systems go for the Quilty. I’m still finalising which horse I will be riding, but the count down is on.
In other news I attended the Myer Autumn Fashion lunch at Flemington Racecourse last week. Everyone got dressed up in their finest Autumn race-wear watched a beautiful AW Fashion parade, while enjoying a glass of bubbles and some beautiful food. It was dangerous for the bank account though, I wanted everything in the parade! 
Bec stoneman at the myer autumn fahsion lunch credit Karon Photography
At the Myer Autumn Fashion lunch ©Bec Stoneman
I was lucky enough to be sitting next to champion racehorse Red Cadeaux’s travelling foreman Robin Trevor-Jones and his track work rider Stephen Nicholson. They are such lovely guys, who genuinely love Red! They had so many great stories to tell. They invited me to come and see Red after his Australian Cup run… Of course I accepted the invitation! 
I went and met Red Cadeaux at Werribee which is something I will never forget. He is such a well mannered, kind horse, who has well and truly earn’t legendary status. I am a very lucky girl, I even got to sit on him bareback for a picture! 
That's all from me for now. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @bec_stoneman or Facebook Bec Stoneman
Happy Trails! 
stoneman and Cadeaux credit Fast Track Photography
Bec and Red Cardeaux ©Fast Track Photography
stoneman and Red Cadeaux credit Fast Track Photography
Bec riding Red bareback ©Fast Track Photography
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