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Equestrian Life's Virtual March Dressage Competition!


Streaming from 7:30pm EADT tonight, enjoy Roger Fitzhardinge's expert commentary for EQ Life's Virtual March competition. 

Tonight's competiton features Preliminary 1B, Novice 2B, Elementary 3B, and Medium 4B classes. 

Barastoc-sponsored professional rider Claire Wickens will also demonstrate the Novice and Advanced classes, so both riders and spectators can learn from the best! 



This live stream has been made possible thanks to our principal sponsor Bararstoc, and our supporting sponsors RB Sellars and Boutique Equines.



Barastoc March




How to view the Live Stream?

Select the "watch" button, that can be found in the box above. This event is streamed live and as such you can not "rewind", so unfortunately if you have missed something at the start of the stream you cannot go back.

Trouble shooting:

As we bring you this free live coverage from a remote location you may experience short technical difficulties. If you are still experiencing difficulties after refreshing your browser, please contact us at info@eqlife.com.au and we will assist you.







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