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It is not enough to breed horses with the talent for high-level competition. We must breed horses with the temperament and trainability to succeed with normal riders, horses that are fun. We must breed horses with the soundness to stay at the top. We must produce these youngsters with a solid foundation in the relationship they have with people, and care for them so they thrive physically. This is the goal we set for ourselves at Mayfield. Breeding should not be a fashion statement, it is about proven quality.

Kerry Mack and Mayfield Pzazz in the CDI-W
Kerry Mack and Mayfield Pzazz
© Derek O'Leary / Equestrian Life

Our stallions have excelled in Grand Prix, with exceptional soundness physically and mentally. They both competed successfully at international level, and have been on the National Squad. Mayfield Pzazz (Jazz/Arnhem) and Whisper (Weltmeyer/Feiner Stern/Pik Bube) carry some of the most successful dressage bloodlines in the world. Pzazz keeps improving even at 17 years young. Pzazz also carries elite jumping bloodlines.

The true Grand Prix horses are special horses. Few stallions have both the ability and willingness to accept the huge amount of discipline required. Grand Prix is about the horse's ability to collect and Pzazz and Whisper are producing horses with this ability.

Mares are also very important. We select ours on pedigree and performance. Our mares have proven themselves, for example, White Girl is a multiple Barastoc Horse of the Year champion with dressage scores into the high 70s, mother of a champion Australian young horse, CDI-Y, Barastoc and Royal Show champion. We have also bred champion horses at Australian Young Rider, Interschools, Royal Shows, dressage and jumping champions, and successful eventers. We believe we are breeding horses that can really excel in eventing as well as the disciplines we are best known for. Whisper is a great cross for Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods, producing lovely, quiet youngsters who can really move. Pzazz youngsters are forward moving, alert and trainable athletes who love to work. We have Pzazz chilled semen and frozen Whisper semen available. Breed yourself a champion and a horse who can be your friend.

Contact Jenny Crowley 0409 353 220, email: kerry@mayfieldfarm.com.au or visit: http://www.mayfieldfarm.com.au


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