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Tulara Warmbloods




The first jumping horse ever bred by Tulara Warmbloods arrived in January 2005, 12 years ago. This little filly Stonika, was by the jumping and breeding sensation Stakkato. Stonika has gone on to breed some wonderful competition horses, including Tulara Cassiko by Cassini II and Tulara Diarakato by Diarado — both owned and ridden by Kirstie Ancell, as well as Tulara Conika by Colman, owned and ridden by Ingrid Wiliamson. The first jumping colt we bred was Tulara Balouch by Balou du Rouet who was later taken on by Jamie Winning and Jamie Kermond. He became Champion of Champions as a five year old at Jumping with the Stars. Later, they took him to Europe where he competed successfully up to 1.40m before being sold.

Cornet Obolensky was used extensively in the early days. We have five Cornet broodmares at home that would be the pride of any competition rider. We used him again last year. The two breedings are Cornet Obolensky/Cascadello I/Colman/Carpaccio and Cornet Obolensky/Cascadello I/Cassini II/Chicos Boy. Both these breedings are the culmination of 12 years of breeding, keeping only the very best fillies each year.
We also used Colman,  and in his first and second drops for us, he produced Tulara Colmine, Tulara Colmar and Tulara Colchic all of whom have been very successful in competition. We have six Colman mares here as good or even better than the ones out competing. This year we are foaling 30 mares. They are by stallions such as Carpaccio, Cornet Obolensky 5, Colman 5, Companiero 3, Diarado, Cassini II 4, For Fashion 3, Quinar, Companiero, Cascadello 1 3, Stakkato and Florestan.

We aim to continue with our selective breeding program, keeping our best mares and using mainly younger stallions. Stallions are selected on their licensing and stallion test performances as well as breeding. Over the last 12 years we have had a specific breeding program with an objective in mind: to breed jumping horses through selective breeding practices. We have kept our best mares each year and now have a herd of around 25 home bred mares, which we add to each year. Now we keep the best three or four fillies out of around 10 to 15. They are selected on type, size, breeding, conformation (including feet) and intelligence. They must show a natural ablity to run down our jumping lane carefully, without touching the rails and showing some scope. Using this criteria we can select our fillies early. Our aim is to produce horses 16 to 17 hands.

With the strict selection criteria in Germany for licensing stallions we are able to select licensing champions and stallion performance test winners. Through this process we were able to use Balou du Rouet as a young horse, Cornet Obolensky, Colman and Cascadello 1 and Diarado. These stallions have all turned out to be in the top 1% of breeding stallions, although they were not rated when we first used them. We continue to use younger stallions that we think show promise in breeding for the future. As a part of this process of genetic improvement, we now use our best colt each year over a a few mares before they go into competition. This way we can see how our own horses compare in breeding to the imported stallions. The Tulara horses grow up in open country with stony ground and hills. They roam free and learn to develop muscle and intelligence. They are not rugged and are only fed grass. We breed the old fashioned way and we welcome inspections at any time.


Tulara Carrico:  $14,000

Born 7 December 2016.

Beautiful movement and light on his feet. He is a truly modern type. Mother is Tulara Chico's Girl, Mother of Tulara Colchic jumping well with Jamie Winning and Jamie Kermond. She is also the full sister of Tulara Chico, winner of the 5 and 7 year old classes at jumping with the stars with Alex Rooney.


Tulara Compensky Service fee: $990.

Companiero/Cornet Oblensky Colt. Outstanding scope and power. Beautiful type. 17hh. Will suit lighter framed females looking for extra scope. Freejumping video available on website.


Tulara Dakini: $14,000

Filly Born 17 December 2017.

Well bred young filly with beautiful shoulder and lovely head. Elegant and modern.


Tulara Flare: $14,000

Born 27 November 2015.

Sire For Fashion by For Pleasure. Dam by Cassini II Holstein breeding legend. Beautiful type. Elegant and modern. Very jumpy.

 or visit Tulara Warmbloods online at: www.tularawarmbloods.com.au

Please contact Mark for enquiries: (03) 5776 4371 or 0438 133 700.

Mansfield, Victoria.

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