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West Kington Stud


West Kington Stud - Bob Langrish

Church Farm with mares and foals
©Bob Langrish

The small stud with a big reputation

West Kington Stud (WKS), situated in the UK, was founded 21 years ago by former Olympic three-day event Gold medallist Jane Holderness-Roddam and her husband Tim. Two years later, they extended the Stud to include the Stallion Centre to collect, freeze and store semen for future use. It is now one of the UK’s foremost centres specialising in freezing, storing and exporting equine semen.

Safeguarding the Future

The breeding of Sport Horses, show ponies, racing and showing Arabians, all use frozen semen as do many rare and native breeds  Exmoor, Dartmoor, Connemara, New Forest, Dales, Fells and the heavy Shire and Suffolk horses are among the breeds that have had their bloodlines protected for the future by having semen frozen and stored at WKS. 


West Kington Stud - © Pauline Henson

Stallions standing in the UK in 2016 - Windsor Heights, Welton Double Cracker and Cevin Z.
© Pauline Henson

Keeping Standards

Freezing semen is a specialist job and ensuring a successful outcome – a pregnancy – relies on semen quality. To guarantee the quality of its frozen semen, particularly once it is thawed for use, WKS enlisted the services of Martin Boyle of Stallion Reproduction Services, a specialist freelance vet who pioneered many of the techniques. Nine years ago, he was joined at WKS by Chris Shepherd from Willesley Equine Clinic.

But freezing semen is just the start. A successful pregnancy relies on much more and WKS only freezes semen that has the best chance of success, although the experience of the vet attending the mare is also important. Improved reproductive technology and veterinary experience has, however, improved conception rates.

For more information, please contact:

Tessa Clarke, West Kington Stud
Email: westkingtonstud@aol.com
Tel: +44 (0) 1249 782050


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